Saturday, August 12, 2017

Hate Mail - Tell That To The People That Car Mowed Down In Virginia

I have no problem with the outright banning of Nazism, white supremacy, the KKK and other terror groups which oppose equality.   I have no problem with suppressing their advocacy of hatred and violence, discrimination and terror.  I don't think lies and especially lies against egalitarian democracy have a right to be told. 

The price of free speech should be telling the truth, not gambling with the lives of millions of people. 


  1. The Charlottesville Nazis were clearly inspired by their reading of the works of Charles Darwin.

    1. Any of them who were influenced by William L. Pierce certainly were influenced by HIS reading of the works of Darwin, Pierce based his Nazism explicitly on the works of Darwin, he said so citing works and passages of them. And William L. Pierce is one of the major figures in American Nazism.

      The case for the relationship of Darwinism to Nazism is absolutely proven. What they told you when you were wittwe, Stevie, was a lie.