Saturday, July 1, 2017

More Independence Day Weekend Commentary

I'm looking forward to Kellyanne Conway being hauled in front of a hearing or a grand jury under oath or being questioned by the FBI about her reported role in the collusion between the Trump campaign and the Putin crime regime with this Peter W. Smith scumball as a coordinator of that collusion.  I don't think the skank can talk without lying and if there's one thing I cherish it's the possibility of watching footage of her being perp-walked in an orange suit to prison for lying.  And if it isn't only her, it's Steve Bannon and that Clovis guy who are mentioned in the most recent disclosures of that effort.  

The Republican Party is being exposed as the indigenous criminal class of the United States, the subverters of egalitarian democracy and even the independence of the United States, something we're going to allegedly celebrate in three days.  They've handed control of the country to an active agent of a foreign dictator and are doing everything they can, through negligence and through things like the Trump voter intimidation effort to lay the country even more vulnerable to the Putin regime's attacks on our country.  

Republicans are the home of treason, unsurprising as they are, by active strategy going back to Richard Nixon, the home of the Neo-Confederacy, the original traitors, having made them Attorneys General and put overt white supremacists and neo-Nazis in positions of power, leaving known agents of Putin, currently the strongest and most ruthless promoter of neo-Nazim and white supremacy in Europe, North America and, perhaps in the world, in power.  People like Mike Flynn, heavily implicated in the recent stories, who had his security clearance to the most sensitive intelligence of the country during the interval between Sally Yates informing the Trump regime of his suspected collusion and him being forced out only after he was exposed in the press.  

This is dead serious stuff and any part of the media, especially the neo-Nazi sites and the brain toilet that FOX is are in on it.  This is what allowing the media to lie with impunity is proven to lead to in that most hard of laboratories, real life.  The theoretical virtues of allowing lies under a novel interpretation of the First Amendment is a proven catastrophe.  Trump was created as a public figure and put into the presidency by the media, by their phony show-biz, ersatz "reality" and the lies they told with impunity.   Something has to be done to incorporate the hard lessons of the Trump attack on democracy or we will lose it and it will not be automatically restored by some balance of a natural system.  This depends entirely on us, our facing real reality and our choices. 

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