Sunday, June 25, 2017

Hate Mail - Remember This The Next Time They Wax Self-Righteous

Why are the regulars at Eschaton in favor of a web hosting site that regularly posts photos, gifs and videos of children being raped by men, gay males being degraded, tortured and abused, women as well, in far, far larger numbers than those sexually abused by the Catholic priests who they'll go all hanging judge on for at the drop of a hat?  

Could be that child rape, etc. aren't what they're really against, they're A-OK with that depending on the identity of the rapist and the venue under which it's done?   Call it "porn" and that makes it all better.  Free speech, don't you know. 

As to the link Simps posted, everyone knows that someone who makes money in the porn industry, like someone who makes money in the coal industry is the best possible authority on whom to stake your simple, Eschatot like belief.   There is nothing that the pseudo-left is more hypocritical about than that kind of thing.  

Update:  I generally don't look at Eschaton anymore because it's sad to see how Duncan has wasted his talent.  It reminds me of the last phase of the late Tom Snyder's career, the Colortini years.  Only without the much older Snyder's energy.   I didn't dislike Snyder but I always found him a little weird and not that bright.   

What can I say?  Duncan's probably right about self-driving cars and Uber  But, then, so is just about everyone I know. 

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