Friday, June 30, 2017

They Don't Care About Their Constitutional Oaths So I Don't Have Any Problem Calling What They Did Treason

Now that we find out that Michael Flynn, Flynn's Intel Group and his son Michael G. Flynn were all part of an effort to collude with the Putin crime family to hack files to try to dig up dirt on Hillary Clinton as Flynn and Son were part of the Trump campaign, I think we can conclude that's a smoky gun we're smelling.  The revelations that they were hooked up with a long time Republican sleaze monger and master, the recently dead Peter W. Smith, who should probably have died in jail if treason and subversion of democracy were a seriously prosecuted crime, is a direct link to the Putin ratfucking of our election, the Trump campaign and long time Republican-fascist efforts to put awful people into office.  That it is the Republican party - the former super-patriot, anti-Soviet party - which has done this is certainly a revelation into what their motives always have been.  The Putin crime group is an extension of the Communist Soviet regime with a few of the minor pieces of baggage that they retained from their former Marxism being thrown off the sled.  With those gone its real nature of being indistinguishable from oligarchic fascism is entirely transparent. 

The Republican Party is the party of traitors, of fascists, of neo-Nazis and white supremacists.  All manner of our domestic enemies of equality and democracy are in on it, from the pseudo-Christian professional hucksters like the Huckabee family, the likes of Jay Sekulow, the old segregationists and champions of Jim Crow like the incumbent Attorney General, Jefferson Sessions, overt neo-Nazis like Sebastian Gorka and white supremacists like Steve Bannon.... Those are the people who every Republican who remains in the party either has to openly and overtly and honestly condemn and defeat or they are in on the treason, the subversion, the attacks on equality and democracy.   

The Republican Party 2017 is the enemy of the American People.  It is the enemy of equality and democracy and the general welfare and all of those other thing in the preamble of the Constitution which all federal office holders vow to protect and defend.  With the obvious treason and subversion and collusion that the leadership of the Republican Party has been exposed as being involved in, anyone who takes even the common defense of the country against foreign and domestic enemies they are exposed for all the world to see as deeply involved with that as any traitors of the past.   

What those people have done should be a very serious federal crime, it should carry a life sentence in the worst cases.  There should be a law that anyone who does what Trump did during the campaign, openly call for the Putin crime family to commit espionage to aid his campaign should be automatically disqualified from becoming a President, Vice President, Senator, House Member, or to hold any other public office.  Trump disqualified himself from any moral pretense of legitimacy in doing that.  Now that his campaign is being exposed as actually doing that, he should be indicted and tried and removed from office as should anyone else who was involved.  That would mean Paul Ryan becoming president unless or until he is also shown to have been involved.  I loathe Paul Ryan and consider him not merely sociopathic but openly and homicidally sadistic and deranged but so far he wasn't part of a treasonous conspiracy to destroy the country, handing it to the crime boss who runs Russia.   Mike Pence was part of the criminal conspiracy.  

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