Saturday, July 1, 2017

As We Get Closer To July 4th Republicans Are Calling For A War Which Will Kill More Americans Than Al Qaeda Has

I would like to know when a president made such an appalling request as the one Trump tweeted - in the face of the CBO estimate that the repeal of the Affordable Care Act would result in 32 million people losing their health care coverage and that in the first year the premiums on coverage would increase 25% and 100% within nine years that they just do that, anyway.   The deaths and damage to peoples' personal lives resulting from that make this like the ruler of the United States declaring war on the American People.  

And he's not alone, Senators Rand Paul and Ben Sasse are reported to have encouraged him to advocate repeal without even the tissue thin frauds of replacement that the House and the Senate Republicans have put forward.  These people have called for killing tens of thousands of Americans, they would, in one year, kill more Americans than Al Qaeda and the Taliban and ISIS combined have.   This is a continual September 11th attack on the American People AND IT IS ELECTED OFFICIALS OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY WHO ARE DECLARING THIS WAR ON US. 

The insurance industry has certainly been a part of the Republican war against the ACA, they continue to try to come up with something which will get them to enough Senators to push through some lesser atrocity such as the 13 Republican thugs came up with last week.  It was also a declaration of war, something which would kill more Americans every year than died in the attacks on the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma.  The Republican Party is the enemy of the American People, the commercial health insurance industry is too.

One of the states hit hardest in the insurance industry undermining of the ACA is Nevada where there are counties without any insurers involved.  The people of that state should demand that their state government ask to work with California in creating a single-payer system of insurance. Every state's residents should be pressuring their state governments to do the same.  The only way to end this war against the American People is by ending for-profit insurance for health care.  If the Republicans make their massive attack on the American People, either under the Ryan strategy for killing us or the McConnell strategy or the all out war advocated by Rand, Sasse and Trump, they will likely bring about an appalling situation in which single-payer is going to be adopted by those who succeed them in office.  But there is no reason for states to wait for that, there is every reason to protect their residents from the criminal insanity of the Republican leadership now.   

California has led the way for trends that took across the country in the past, trends that have been variously, excellent, good and at times bad for the country.  If they manage to institute single-payer for all of their residents, alone or as part of a multi-state consortium, they will have done one of the greatest services to the people of the country ever done.  They might also avoid the inevitable economic catastrophe that any of the Republican efforts will bring, hospital closures, hospitals overwhelmed with those who are seeking service they can't pay for, and a huge range or other disasters.  The Republicans are, as they so often are, as economically reckless as they are cruel and sadistic.  Democrats and whatever other politicians in California and in other states have an absolute and sacred obligation to their residents to act to protect their residents from the Republican criminals in Washington. 

We can't prevent states from electing psychopaths like Rand Paul and Ben Sasse, or the merely irresponsible like a Susan Collins, for that matter.  We can't prevent the Electoral College from giving us a Trump.  We can try to protect ourselves as best we can when that happens. 

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