Thursday, June 29, 2017

Names for Things

Geritol and Prune Juice Bar, Terrible thing- waste of minds, The rump remnant, A has been almost was,  Demonstrable and decadent waste of an ivy league PhD on a sloucher rich kid, ..... = Eschaton

By another name,  "No, I don't care what Simels is posting about me there."

Update:    Leave it to another Eschaton college grad to not know the word "sloucher" or how to look it up in a dictionary.   Among the definitions found in mine are, "laggard, loafer, sluggard.."  Which work as well for him as they do for his host.  Only I'm sure Simps doesn't know those, either.   He's got a raft of comments in moderation here where they're probably going to stay.   I didn't use "slacker" because I didn't want to imply that he's young.  He's on the downward slope of middle-age. 


  1. You didn't use slacker because you don't understand vernacular English.

  2. I used "sloucher" because it meant what I wanted to say, both by denotation and by connotation.

    I'm not going to limit myself to the Simels vocabulary and lack of the same.

  3. I.e., yes, you're a pompous putz who has no conception of how contemporary vernacular English is actually spoken by non pompous putzes.

    This is not exactly news.

    1. Who says I have to stick to your low level idea of vernacular usage?

      Look, dopey, there's a reason that most of the people who could think left Eschaton before 2010, it's becauses it got too stupid.