Friday, January 20, 2017

Things We Have To Wonder About Now

Reading Dahlia Lithwick's piece about Pretender Trump's speech made me wonder if we might see some strategic assassinations of journalists such as those that Trump's puppet master used to gain control of Russia.  A few strange deaths among journalists critical of Trump would probably send most of them scurrying to the hem of his garment to kiss it so as not to get on some imagined list of those to off.   Frankly, there is almost no one whose face you see on TV who, if that kind of assassination became a thing who I can imagine standing up and calling it out. Maybe Rachel, or Chris or Bill Moyers.   But, then, maybe I'm wrong about that.  The standing up part, there's good reason to suspect Putin would do such things.   

Would Putin, having pulled off the coup of all coups in putting his puppet in the American Presidency tolerate some American journalists who might threaten to undo it?   I don't know.  He had Alexander Litvinenko murdered in London, in what was a not at all subtle assassination using methods available to the Russian terror police.  Among the reasons for that assassination was the accusation by him and other former members of the Russian secret police that Putin was behind the assassination of Boris Berezovsky, also when he was out of Russia.  If Litvinenko was right, he used terror and assassination in Russia to gain control and I don't see any reason to not suspect it was the case that he'd go after Americans who threatened his major asset in the United States.  

I think it would be a really good idea for some of Trump's critics to be very careful about their personal security, if they aren't all ready.  Putin is just one possible source of danger, his domestic, neo-fascist and neo-Nazi supporters, not to mention those in the FBI, have a history of violence.  

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