Thursday, January 19, 2017

It's Time For Real Liberals To Stop Calling Ourselves "Liberals"

In my recent posts pointing out the two, incompatible things that get called "liberalism" I was saying that the ones I used to call "liberalish-libertarians" but have recently decided were better called "private-sector fascists" are the ones who have destroyed real liberalism.  The ideas of that liberalish-libertarianism are responsible for the privileging of lies, the idiotic and, to them,thrilling idea that the most proven of evil groups should not be prevented from spreading their intellectual and moral poison to gain influence, they were the ones behind the campaign to discredit the religion that was the strongest force and source of the genuine liberalism contained in the radical economic and social egalitarianism of the Mosaic Law and the Gospel of Jesus.  I could add a myriad of other, subsidiary idiocies and evils that flowed from their 18th century alleged-enlightenment wisdom.   Much of it was based in ideology, though a lot of it was due to the kind of stupid grand-standing and attention getting that seems to go with that kind of stuff.

The political identity that should have comprised liberalism is based in a non-negotiable and absolute belief in equality of all people, perhaps its most radical form ever expressed is found in the economic content of the Mosaic Law.  It has a non-negotiable belief that the truth is to be valued above lies and that lies should never be privileged, for reasons I've pointed out endlessly.  Among the greatest reasons for that is that there is nothing more destructive of an attempt to establish equal justice than for lies to gain widespread or even merely effective influence - that is the meaning of American history over the past fifty years of attacks on what was won in the Civil Rights and Voting Rights acts, the Great Society was an attempt to achieve that equal justice in reality instead of merely in courtrooms and intellectual abstraction and what is now an unfashionable pose in journalism.  It was destroyed through the "free speech-free press" absolutism which elevated lying to the supremacy it has risen to in 2016.

I think it is probably a good idea for people who believe that is to stop calling them and their political side "liberals" and "liberalism".  The word was burdened with such confusion by liberals and turned into a term of effective vilification under their regime of "free-speech, free-press" that it's a liability, anyway.  "Leftist" is hardly helpful either since it is associated with the Marxism, British style and French pseudo-socialism, anarchism and another bunch of junk that is really an even more obvious member of the fascism family.  That use of it has not only robbed the word of its clear meaning, it has associated it with some of the most murderous, oppressive figures in recent history and the ideas that led, inevitably, to those tens, even hundreds of millions of murders.   As an aside, I think here, safe in a quasi-democracy where they were under little to no real danger from those ideologies,  it was for the safe thrill of public display championing  of those thrillingly forbiden and violent Marxists among rich and connected pseudo-liberals that a lot of the "free-speech, free-press" junk arose.  There has been entirely more pose behind the pose of liberalish libertarianism than was ever good for doing actual good.  That it was their ideological cousins, American fascists, who benefited the most and triumphed under from that stupidity doesn't dissuade me into thinking I'm wrong.

I propose we find a new name for our politics, naming it with what it really is, egalitarian absolutism, fairness, monotheistic morality,  I would favor something that can't be divorced from that morality because, as the post-Marxist thinker Jurgen Habermas was forced to conclude by his decades of careful study and thought, there really is nothing else that nourishes it and its holdings, even today.   Atheism, especially the scientistic, Britatheism that has held so much influence on the alleged left, is poison to it.  You can study the British left to see the truth of that, as I have suggested before, look at the writings of the Fabians, including their star George Bernard Shaw who remained a Fabian in good standing even as he advocated the lethal chamber for the unproductive, unfit decades before Hitler and Hess began their program of applied science.

There is no more potent weapon for the political program to enact radical egalitarianism than the fact that the most widely held religion of Americans, Europeans and, I believe, Muslims, contains the belief that radical equality and, in many ways, the economic policies that would produce that equality are the will of God.  I've come to really believe that to be successful, to really overcome the worst in us with the best in us, nothing else can do it.  People have to really believe they are to do unto others as we would have them do unto us is what God wants them to do and that to not do that will have the kind of real, consequences of the kind we are about to see in the Trump-Republican-fascist governance of the United States.  To give that up for Brit style atheism, Marxism, Fabianism, and a host of other isms on the say so of decadent intellectuals was one of the stupidest things done by so many alleged liberals, most of it done out of the basest snobbery.  People who have either wisely rejected that from the start or who, like me, late in life have seen through the lies and poses should let them have the word, it's a meaningless term now, anyway.

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