Thursday, January 19, 2017

Hate Mail - I'm Not Sure Which Founders You're Upset With Me Dissing Those Slaver Crooks Or Lin-Manuel Miranda

If it's the distorter of history in that stupid musical, I can't say it better than Ishmael Reed did. 

If it's the others, my recent analysis is that they suckered a bunch of poor and what would now be called working class guys to fight their revolution for them so they'd be free to steal, pillage and enslave without getting taxed by the Brits.  The bait and switch that they pulled, going from the egalitarian claims of the Declaration of Independence to, once the poor and working class demanded what they got promised, endangering the wealth of the Founders class, to pulling the anti-democratic Constitution out of their foundations and foisting that on them.  
The "Hamilton" that is getting danced and rapped on stage, covering up his and the ruling classes' white faces with dark ones is a total distortion of history.   When you look at the fat, pasty white face of Trump under his troll-doll coif being saluted and celebrated by d-list talent tomorrow, you got him because of the real Hamilton and his buddies.  

You know, it's amazing how many college educated folk in the TV addled age don't understand that theater, the movies, etc. aren't real.  It's gotten so bad that they believe musical comedy is real. 


  1. “The founders,” she added, “really didn’t want to create the country we actually live in today.”

    I've been watching "Star Trek" re-runs because a broadcast channel is playing all the series (from the original through to "ST: Enterprise"). The joy of digital broadcast is how many stations full of re-runs there are. I used to get "Burns and Allen," now I settle for ST derivatives. Oh, well....

    There's no defense of it for me, except habit and laziness. But one of the arcs on one of the series sets up an "enemy" called "The Founders," a malevolent species (the villains!) who are served by a toady race who consider "The Founders" to be gods, perfect in every judgment and to be served absolutely.

    The only difference between these "Founders" and the "Founding Fathers" is that the former are still alive, are not worshipped as idols and marble statutes. It's funny to make the connection, but now that I have I can't shake it. Just as the obsequious toadies worship the evil "Founders," so do we declare the "Founding Fathers" the source of all that is good and wise, and the further we deviate from them, the more we go "wrong."

    It's an agonizingly ludicrous posture, but then again, the "Founding Fathers" thought the Roman system of government the best they could emulate, even knowing how that decayed into despotism and the absolute rule of the diktator (no, that's not a misspelling), an emergency ruler who soon made the "emergency" permanent.

    Of course, even before that, the Roman Empire was hardly a shining example of liberty, fraternity and equality; so there you are.

  2. You're so right, Sparky. That reprehensible musical 1776 (and the movie version) are indisputably why Trump got elected.

    1. If I didn't know you were always a semi-illiterate liar I'd suspect you are becoming senile. Though it's possible you're doing that as well.

      If I were a Simels I'd go around saying that Simps thinks he knows more about this than Ishmael Reed, Michelle Duross, Allan McLane Hamilton and Jennifer Schuesslera do. But I wouldn't do it at Eschaton because no one there would even know who Ishmael Reed is.

      Simels, you have to be one of the stupidest of the lot, though lots of Duncan's dopes aren't far above you. I don't write for stupid people. I'll let you guys do that.