Saturday, January 21, 2017

Marxism Is As Dead As The Static Universe Theory

Someone apparently read one of my several archived posts in which I point out that not even the biggest Communist party in the world bothers to pretend it believes in Marxism anymore as China replaced it with Victorian era capitalism on steroids and more central planning.  Though I'm not sure that central planning component is what it's supposed to be, either.

It was said by some old scholars of the Soviet Union that by the regime of Leonid Brezhnev no one except the stupidest and most fanatical among the Soviet elite believed in any kind of Communism, anymore.  It was like American democracy here, under the Trump regime, something that is pretended by the guys who want to maintain their power through keeping such forms as the "peaceful transfer of power" under our system which legitimates the illegitimate.

About the only people I know of who pretend to believe in Marxism are idiot scholars and other such boobs who maintain that pose because it's way too late for them to start a whole new career, so they pretend it's scientifically inevitable.  Though there are some who maintain that as part of their febrile atheism, as well.  The "scientific" content of Marx is like that of natural selection, it's based in what is now obviously an absurd over-extension of claims of scientific method way past where it can be reliably applied, on grotesquely inadequate and often quite flimsy data available to the originator of the ideologies and maintained primarily for ideological and secondarily professional interests.  And, again, to those who maintain it out of a supposed utility for their primary interest, their faith of scientistic materialist atheism.

If 19th century physics and even early 20th century physics could maintain a theory as now clearly wrong as the belief that our universe was static and eternal, dealing with observable, reliably measured objects and reliably tested demonstrations of proposals about it, 19th and even present day alleged "science" dealing with things far more complex, impossible to observe and measure and, at every turn, vulnerable to the misunderstanding and, far worse, wishful thinking of those with an interest in a particular point of view stands a practically infinite chance of getting things entirely wrong.   I have no doubt that if we survive long enough and science is still being done, sometime in the future the present ubiquitous belief in natural selection will seem as quaint as a belief in spontaneous generation* does to us today.

We've already reached that stage with Marxism which, by, um......... "virtue" of its known effect of generating tens of millions of murders, slavery, oppression, denial of freedom of speech and, it would wish, thought, is a known and absolutely proven failure and, when insisted on by academic and political hacks, a  fraud.  Those well groomed, clean, even manicured and white collared Marxists are no less snake oil salesmen than Kellyanne Conway, Steve Bannon, Chuck Todd and Lou Dobbs.  Marxism lies close on any honest mapping of political ideology with fascism and Nazism because they end up in the same place.  Those dear old lefties who pushed it even as Lenin, Stalin, Mao and even Pol Pot were murdering millions are no dearer than those dear old Nazis who pushed their brand were.  I say to hell with them all.

*  The alleged ally of natural selection, abiogenesis is all about spontaneous generation, much of it even more absurd than the old fashioned kind.  At least the people who believed that had actual organisms that they could see, most of abiogenesis is pure imaginary hooey.

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