Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Liars This Time And The Buyers Who Bought Those Lies

A member of my family sent me a recent incident online of a guy who was going on and on about how he couldn't wait for them to repeal Obamacare.  Someone asked him what he had against the ACA.  He said he wasn't against the ACA he was against Obamacare.  When it was pointed out that they were the same thing he said, Nuh-uh, I got ACA and it isn't Obamacare.

I suspect the racism the Republican-fascists used against a lot of people to sucker them into total control is going to blow up when they find out that inconvenient fact.

I don't doubt that the Republicans are going to kill it, either outright or by destroying it.  They might listen to the health insurance industry and other industries which will face the financial disaster that doing either will cause,  they might, after they have an election disaster, listen to the people they suckered, but they won't do the latter before they destroy it and throw thirty-million people off of health insurance.   I think the resultant catastrophic failure to reimburse hospitals, emergency rooms, clinics, etc. will be a huge disaster but if there's one thing that Republicans have proven, beyond any possible denial, it is that they are willing to hurtle the country into a wall or off a cliff.  Remember, they're going to get rid of the things put into place to keep the banksters from doing what they did less than a decade ago, too.

Will we pull out of it in the Age of Lies our best and brightest have brought us to?   I don't know, I tend to doubt it.  Look how fast the media lied Obama into a fatally weakened president - with his help - and on into the disaster they are trying to acclimate the TV addled American attention span to accepting, passively.

Will reality override their propaganda?  It's hard to make bricks from the mud the media flings without the straw of truth and those who have to try to make it can't cut enough for the job.   The lies elected Republicans over and over again and alleged liberals haven't even been brave enough to face the necessity of ending those.  They think the best people won't think well of them if they do.  I'm as disgusted with such "liberals" as I am with the people conservatives suckered.  They're all cowards.

We were saved from outright, European style fascism by a rare combination of good luck and the residual wisdom of a decisive margin of the voters.  I'm not confident that's there anymore after a generation has been brought up on the lies of the media.  I hope I'm wrong but I don't think I am this morning.

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