Sunday, January 15, 2017

Liberals Got Taken For Real Suckers By NPR

Being trapped in the car with someone listening to it for the past hour,  it's obvious that there is no Republican-fascist so vile, so obviously illegitimate that NPR and the majority of the unrestrained, unregulated press wouldn't be falling over each other to go down on bended knee to them and propping up the foulest they could do.  I remember noticing that difference in coverage between Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan, it is far worse today.  

Really, the best thing that could be done with NPR would be to close it down, "educational radio" was better before NPR spread its hegemony over it to become what it has today.  

If there is one thing that we now know it is that unregulated, unrestrained, media given a carte blanche to lie to serve its own interests, the interests of its owners or financial backers will not only fail to serve democracy, it will undermine it in the interest of its profits and those of its backers.  

NPR should have died more than thirty years ago during the financial crisis brought on by mismanagement in the early 80s.

Liberals were such suckers for them, bailing them out even as they were selling us out.   

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