Monday, December 19, 2016

The Electoral College Will, Today, Once And For All Time Disprove the Wisdom Of The Founders As It Installs A Fascist As President

I am going to hazard a guess and say that Keith Olbermann's desperate dream of the Electoral College doing what the current favorite of the "founders," Hamilton promised it would, rescue us from, a Donald Trump,  is not going to happen today.

Considering that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, which the aristocrats, slave-holders and crooks didn't trust and it is exactly and precisely the Electoral College which is about to give us the most massively unqualified, unsuitable and certainly disastrous president in our history, the entire idea has failed, yet again, the test of time.   This time should be the last time, though I'm sure the beneficiaries of it will resist any attempt to impose democracy over the clear un-wisdom of the founders.

With the Electoral College, itself, stealing the election of Hillary Clinton and handing the presidency to Donald Trump, it deserves to be abolished.   In its place there should be an amendment to the Constitution which establishes that the loser of a majority of the votes cast should not ever assume the office.  It should establish that the states must run a clean and honest election and that either by run-off or by weighted voting, no one should ever be able to become president without the support of the majority of the voters.

That, of course, would be only the start of changes that have been needed in that document written by aristocratic amateurs who, as all aristocrats will, impose their own self-interest on the results.  Getting rid of the patchwork of jerry-rigged, Gerrymandered and corrupt state and local elections is as necessary but harder to do.  Making it easier to get rid of a horrifically bad president or Supreme Court member is needed, imposing a term on Supreme Court members, .... etc.

But, today, the Electoral College will prove that it was always a terrible idea and its role in imposing Donald Trump on must be the last straw.  It is exactly the foreign despot that Hamilton warned about, raising up a figure within the United States, with the full participation and support of the corrupt media, who played this fatal weakness in the Constitution to give us Trump.   There is nothing more unpatriotic, more anti-democratic than keeping it in place.

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