Saturday, December 24, 2016

No More Politics Till Monday

Polka Party logo

OK, noon EDT on Christmas Eve,  no politics till Monday.   I'd recommend today's Polka Party show from WUNH radio, archived in two one-hour segments here, as well as older shows.  I'll guarantee you'll hear Christmas music you've never heard before and some you might not want to hear again.  I do love Gary Sredzienski, an old fashioned kind of radio host, so uncool he's cooler than cool. 

I'll post the link to the Aegean Connection Christmas Show when it's archived.  It's still on right now. It makes me wonder if my half-Greek cousins ever heard any of the music the host is playing.

Update:  As promised here's the link to the archived hour-long halves of today's 
Aegean Connnection Christmas Show 

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  1. This from the guy who gives me grief about the Beatles, Stones and Poldark?

    How do you say chutzpah in Polish?