Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Present - Towards A Relatively Pain-Free New Year

The advice of Bob and Brad "The Two Most Famous Physical therapists On The Internet" to have some of the best advice to take care of my aging body.   There are lots and lots of issue specific videos for various problems but these are three recent ones that have given me lots of relief from my back and shoulder problems.   There are great playlists, too.

One of the things they said that helped the most was that if you have pain, often if you walk for 20 minutes and get more oxygen to the place it hurts, the pain will lessen or disappear.  I cut way down on my use of aspirin doing that.  I do it in the house, sometimes walking in place while I listen to music or books or lectures.  

This one is my project for the coming year, I've begun this week.  Maybe by the time July comes around I'll be a lot stronger.  

Another thing they showed that was really useful was how to make your own back roller from a cheap swimming noodle and PVC pipe - only I used an old piece of broom handle.  Saves a lot of money.

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