Monday, December 19, 2016

Blah, Blah, Simels, Blah, Blah, Eschaton, Blah Blah Blah

Stupy has bored me enough this year, I won't bother answering it until the new year, if then.  Maybe I'll make fun of the mopheads or Mick for the new year.   

I'm not especially interested in what goes on at Duncan's.  It's like watching Keeping Up Appearances for the 23rd time.   I mean the same episodes, 23 times.  Only they ain't no Patricia Routledges.  


  1. Au contraire: KUA becomes as comfortable as a favorite pair of slippers with repeated viewings.

    The gang at Baby Blue has proved the wisdom of the adage about bad money driving out good, and sounds more like something that would make you throw away your best pair of shoes if you stepped in it.

    I dunno; if it wasn't for the reports you get, I wouldn't know it was still on-line. My time there is like a bad dream, or memories from someone else's life....

  2. I learned what I needed to learn about the conceit, arrogance, willful ignorance and the secondary place liberal political success is to those for so many on the alleged left at Duncan's blog. I'm sure it's not what he envisioned when he began it, but I doubt a good part of his liberalism to start with.

    There was an objection to my comparison of Obama's tone in this interview with Inskeep and Calvin Coolidge but I thought about it more during the day and the similarities in them disowning the effects of their time in office is quite similar. Well, they weren't actually talking about what I said, they were talking about what Simps said about what I said. I doubt any of them read what I write anymore than they read what Duncan used to write. I understand he mostly tweets these days. I think I'd rather give up altogether than to discourse in tweets. That's a medium best suited for Trumpian idiocy and getting off the kind of zingers Dorothy Parker regretted trading in so much as she got old. Only they ain't no Dorothy Parkers, neither. The times I've gone back to Duncans to see if what I was told they were saying was accurate it was like a string of tweets.