Saturday, December 24, 2016

I Hope To See Kellyanne Conway In Orange Someday

Of all the many loathsome people in the Trump campaign and transition and about to be Trump regime, I have to say that the one I find the most loathsome is Kellyanne Conway.  She isn't the most facile liar we've ever had in public life, she has a mid-range talent for telling blatant lies and making it seem to the ignorant to be true, she doesn't carry it off well if you know anything.  But she is the most tireless liar, who will repeat a lie she's been called on, even with the proof that she's lying in public and she'll go on to either compound it or to tell another lie.  Her annoyingly Karo syupy delivery of those lies along with her bottle blonde appearance does nothing to lessen the revolting sum of her talents. 

I can honestly say that of all the people in the Trump regime that is forming, she is one of those whose downfall I would most welcome, who I would most like to see go to prison and to be permanently banned from public life, either by statute or by common consensus.   She is an open chancre on the American political system, one of many but the one who I find the most repulsive, currently.  I expect that to change, her rivals for first on the list of the loathsome are all world class scum.   

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