Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Todd Goodman - Sonata for Solo Bass Trombone

Chuck Jacks, trombone

This is the world premier of this unusual and really interesting sonata.  The recording is twenty years old and though the spoken introduction is not very clear the playing is much clearer.   The player commissioned or requested the composition of the sonata.   Here is the description of it from the eminent trombonist,  Douglas Yeo's website.

Bass trombone unaccompanied. This is a fine, three movement work for solo bass trombone. The three movements ("Thundercracke," "Quite," and "Derby") are highly evocative and pose good but reasonable challenges on the performer. Valve trills, multiphonics, nimble technique, fast tonguing and soft, legato playing in the pedal register are all required but well rewarded. The "Sonata" was commissioned by R. Charles Jacks.

Todd Goodman is an interesting composer whose music I'm just beginning to become familiar with.

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