Friday, August 4, 2017

An Anti-Polish Bigot Is As Bad As Any Other Racist Or Bigot And They Flourish On The Atheist-Play-Left

I knew that the bigoted liar and idiot and all round jerk, Steve Simels wouldn't hold on his threat to ignore me for long, he's got a comment up at Duncan's Daycare For Drooling Dolts which shows, he's a. lying about what I said, b. claiming I said things I never said, c. knows nothing about Poland, d. demonstrating that he knows nothing about Polish political parties and who are members of them, e. take your pick, he pretty much knows nothing except the last thing he read mixed with a. b. c. and d, other expressions of his stupidity.

According to online sources, 96% of the Polish population identify as Catholics, something the U.S State Department confirms.

More than 96 percent of citizens are identified as Roman Catholic; however, Eastern Orthodox, Greek Catholic, and much smaller Protestant, Jewish, and Muslim congregations meet freely. 

I would go on to point out that, by far, the majority of Polish Catholics didn't vote for the crypto-fascist, nationalist party that governs it right now but it's really of secondary importance because any resistance, opposition and defeat of the current, fascistic, Polish government WILL HAVE TO BE OVERWHELMINGLY DONE BY PEOPLE WHO ARE CATHOLIC, MOST OF WHO, RIGHT NOW, ARE OPPOSED TO THE FASCISTS AND THEIR POLICIES.  That's what's important to know, that any improvement that gets rid of the fascists will be done, largely by Catholics and non-Catholics in the country will depend on a majority of that resistance being mounted by Catholics.

Simps, knowing next to nothing about Polish history and its current politics as, I would bet, more than 96% of his audience at Eschaton, doesn't really care about that but about supporting a narrative that holds that Poles during the Nazi period were uniformly anti-semites who supported the Nazi murders of Jews - he also not caring at all about other people in other groups slated for murder and murdered by the Nazis, the largest of those named groups, Poles and other Slavs.  I have pointed it out to him a number of times, so I know he knows it (though I doubt he, in his laziness, ever read the links I gave) that the official Israeli center for documenting and addressing the mass murder of Jews by the Nazis, Yad Vashem, has pointed out that the numbers of Poles who hid and helped Jews escape from the Nazis is higher than in any other country, even as they were murdered along with their families for helping to hide Jews and aid them, even as they, themselves, were targeted with genocide by direct order from Hitler.  Simels position on that last point would seem to have more in common with David Irving's thinking about the murder of Jews than it does anything rational or documented.

Simps is just repeating a common line of anti-Catholic, anti-Christian, anti-Polish invective of the kind that his fellow idiot, Stephen Fry got into hot water for telling in the stupidest possible way.  Only that lie can only be told in the stupidest possible way as the only people who would fall for it are those too stupid to verify that serious accusations are, in fact, true before accepting and repeating them.

As I've also pointed out several times, Simels isn't so good on the concept of time, in which things happen before and after each other, people who are alive at one period die and aren't there anymore and that things and ideas change.  There are certainly only a very few Poles who were adults during the period of the Nazi occupation and even fewer who had any role in collaborating with the Nazis - who were also under orders to suppress any kind of authority of any kind in Poland except that deemed sufficiently "Aryan."   I doubt that any real Polish nationalist would have collaborated with any invaders, either the Nazis or the Soviets, though some certainly did collaborate, probably about as many as did in other countries or fewer.  But the point is that, despite what the dyschronometric Simels thinks, people are only guilty of things they did, not that which were done by adults in their country sixty and seventy years ago, two or three generations before they were born or achieved the status of responsibility.   I mean, he's in his eighth decade and he doesn't even get that about his own life time.  He's got so much in common with Donald Trump in that discontinuous stream of only semi-conscious awareness that takes no responsibility for maintaining a coherent and reasonable appreciation of reality.

An anti-Polish bigot is as bad as any other racist or bigot and the flourish on the atheist-play-left, in all their florid ignorance, stupidity and baseness, but it's not unfashionable to be anti-Polish.   In that fact we see one of the stupidest things about the atheist-play-left, they don't care about reality and what it will take to defeat things such as fascism in the real world instead of theoretical fantasy.  They don't even understand that if you insult people, they're less likely to do what you claim you want them to do.  They don't get that about American politics with more than a half-century of the failure of insulting the overwhelming majority of Americans has gotten them, they're hardly likely to care about it in a country thousands of miles away.


  1. Polish Jews are not really Poles. Or something.

    1. I've noticed that, too. Considering how many of the leaders of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising were former officers in the Polish Army who had weapons, training and intelligence from the Free Polish Army, not to mention how may Jews were both members of the Polish resistance and were aided in their escape from the Nazis by it, obviously there were lots of Poles, Jews and non-Jews, who didn't see it that way. I suspect it's easier to ignore things like that from the United States while maintaining a near total ignorance of Polish history except what they make movies and write popular books about.

      I suspect that pretty much everything Simps and the Eschatots and this Zod ass know about that is what they saw in the movies.

      David Derbes more or less reasserted that Inherit the Wind is historically accurate the other day. But, he don't need none of that hist'ry stuff, he's got the physics on his side.

    2. I think "Inheritance The Wind" got the names right, but that's about all.

    3. Or "Inherit". Stupid cell phone.

      I really gotta make my comments on a regular keyboard......