Monday, July 31, 2017

Republicans Are Letting the Worst And Cruelest Write Their Next Try To Kill Americans

With the incredibly bad idea of Lindsay Graham working with the most depraved faction of Republicans in the House of Representatives to come up with a plan to kill the healthcare of Americans through that old favorite of Republican tactics, kicking it back to the states, it's time to resume the pressure on "moderates" to not play along.  Graham has chosen to work with the psychotics for whom the horrific House bill, something so bad that even Trump distanced himself from it, noting it was "mean, mean, mean" wasn't cruel enough for some of them.

Kicking healthcare to the states is certain to increase the number of those without insurance and who would not be able to get insurance because of things like preexisting conditions. Of course, poverty is the most common of the preexisting conditions that has kept people from getting health insurance all along.   Doing anything to make health care harder to get for them is a choice to actually kill them. 

I would ask both Susan Collin and Lisa Murkowski and any other Senator who might be talked out of supporting the idea if they really want to own what the legislatures in their states would do to healthcare.  In Maine, Republicans in the state Legislature and Senate have, along with the stinking cruel Paul LePage, refused to expand Medicaid, leaving many, perhaps most poor people in the state in pretty much the same state that they were in before the ACA and the Roberts court allowed states to kill the poor in that way.   Do they really want to own that or whatever other possible depravities Lindsay and the lunatic right might come up with?

The only way to prevent Republicans doing this is to end their domination in the Congress.  This and a host of other betrayals of the American People are the order of the day in Washington.  With the ever expanding knowledge of the Trump regime treason with the Putin oligarchs, it's clear that Republicans don't even intend to protect the country from domination by a foreign dictator worse than King George III was.  They're he was just a moderately bad king, Putin is a savvy and ruthless gangster.  

With this attempt to put the House "freedom caucus" in charge of writing a roadmap to healthcare repeal,  Lindsay Graham has come out of the closet as THAT KIND of Republican.   And so has anyone else who signs on to this terrible idea.  

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