Monday, July 31, 2017

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver - Alex Jones

I guarantee if you watch this you will be turned off by dad bod* the rest of your life (sorry Simps).  Remember, this is a guy who Donald Trump listens to as well as millions of others.

* That short lived fad invented to make sloppy rich white male celebs feel good is over, isn't it?

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  1. I think you're mistaken. The "dad bod" fan arose naturally as a result of body positive advocacy. When the "plus size" model Ashley Graham (I scare quote "plus size" because it's a stupid descriptor. Does she get paid to have her picture taken? She's a model regardless of the adjectives you want to attach) appeared in a commercial with traditionally handsome men, some people, not unreasonably, asked why virtue signal Graham's full-figuredness but surround her with guys who aren't similarly unconventional?

    Sauce for the goose, and all.

    But neither here nor there. The dad bod was the least terrifying thing about that segment. He buys Rolexes in order to better show how Satanic his enemies are, or something?

    I had to watch that monologue thrice and I still don't think I understand his illogic.