Sunday, July 30, 2017

Put Your Body And That Of Your Nearest And Dearest Where Your Mouth Is

In light of last night's comments, I'm, again, going to point out the key hypocrisy in the pseudo-liberal, pseudo-left pose on the alleged harmlessness of pornography because the volunteer guinea pig of pseudo-lefty idiocy who comes here made it clear that they idiots who claim that porn is OK and good, and groovy and great don't really believe that, themselves.

The claim that porn is innocuous and good and some kind of visual of theatrical ert, etc.  That producing, directing, selling, making a fortune off of porn is swell and good and the emblematic flower of the First Amendment instead of an exploitation and endangerment of the people photographed and filmed for that purpose is seen when they are pressed to assert that if their loved ones, their spouse, their parents, their grandparents, their siblings THEIR CHILDREN took up acting in porn that it would be perfectly OK with them.  I started asking that question of phony lefties a number of years ago and have only found two who were willing to lie, asserting that it would be OK with them.  And they were lying.  Steve Simels was one of the two and his complaint that I asked that question in regard to his girl friend was over the line just proves that he really doesn't see porn the way he claims he does WHEN IT ISN'T SOMEONE UNATTACHED TO HIM WHOSE LIFE AND BODY IS PUT ON THE LINE.  When it's someone he cares about (assuming such a person exists) or who he is having sex with, it wouldn't be OK with him if a male porn actor who had had sex with other porn actors, women or, perhaps both sexes, had sex with the person he was having sex with.  When someone puts that question in his face he's definitely NOT OK with that, though it's fine with him if someone he doesn't know is used that way.

Really, the phony-liberal, phony-lefty attitude towards prorn, that it is anything other than a degrading, objectifying, immoral use of other peoples' bodies as raw material, prostitution and, not rarely, sex slavery sold to voyeurs, that it is good and a flowering of the First Amendment, is not at all unlike the war monger view of war, that it's OK and great as long as it is the life and body of someone they don't care about which is destroyed, not infrequently for no motive higher than the profit derived from war.  

Any liberal who claims porn is anything but what it really is is a total fraud, the phony left which has held that line since the 1950s if not before is a left that really can't be believed or trusted on anything because they have no more integrity than found in the Republicans in the Congress or the Trump regime.  Yet such "liberals" and "lefties" largely populate the writing staffs of most lefty magazines and who make up the staffs of most allegedly liberal media.  It's no wonder that such people have destroyed liberalism as an effective force in the United States and elsewhere.   I think they should all be asked to declare if they'd be OK with their spouse or sex partner or their parents, siblings AND CHILDREN being the ones having sex at the directors instruction in front of the camera, if they'd be OK with having the porn industry at their children's career day at high school or college.  If they really, truly believe what they claim to, they'd have to say it was OK with their loved ones being used by the porn industry and going on record as saying that.  If they wouldn't they should really stop pretending their position is true because it's obvious it's only true when it's not someone they care about being fucked and infected for profit.

Update:  Putting It Simply For The Simple Minded

If people who claim that pornography is a. innocuous, b. beneficial, c. good, d. not in any way immoral really believe what they claim to then

they would have no problem with someone asking them if they're OK with their nearest and dearest taking up being penetrated for the camera by the kind of men who do that in the world of porn.

If they really are OK with porn, as they assert, they must think it's OK for the porn industry to recruit its raw material at high school jobs days, college work fairs, and in other ways.  In fact, they might need to claim that the people involved in such an industry have what they'd assert is a "right" to do that.

If they really believe what they did they'd have no problem with exposing their children or other children of any age to pornography, they would have no problem with their spouse or child inviting pornogaphers to their family home where they might encourage people to consider appearing in porn.
That the, generally, upper class and upper-middle class media people who push the lie that porn is OK would never, ever agree to those things, it proves their pose is, in fact, exactly the same kind of thing as the war monger cohort asserting that wars are great AS LONG AS THEIR NEAREST AND DEAREST GET A DEFERMENT FOR BONE SPURS OR ASS BLISTERS OR BECAUSE THEY ARE GOING TO COLLEGE.

I don't think there is any issue that so obviously exposes the fraudulence of large parts of the pseudo-liberalism that has reigned since the 1960s.  I doubt Joel Gora or the other champions of "free speech,"  who have made money from the media that has benefitted from such "free speech" would ever be OK with these kinds of things.

Update:  I wonder if Duncan Black cares enough to regret that his blog attracts so many really stupid, superficial people, that the intelligent people who used to go there, apart from less than a handful who go there ever less, apparently, fled from it years ago.

I picture him as playing with model trains a lot, these days.  Or maybe just fantasizing about them. Setting them up might be something like work.

In other words, I don't care what they say.  They don't read, they don't think, they don't test the ideas they adopt, they are stupid. 


  1. Actually, numbnuts, I answered your disgusting question with
    "What -- and ask her to give up show biz?", which is what normal people call a joke. In any case, that doesn't change the fact that you're a misogynist pervert for even asking it.

    1. You are the one who supported porn, I would never have asked you the question if you hadn't supported porn.

      If there is nothing wrong with porn, when it is the filming and photographing of other people being compelled to have sex, if you really believed that you would have to believe there was nothing wrong with it when it was your loved ones, your family members, the person you were married to or had a sexual relationship with, being the one who got penetrated by males involved in porn.

      If there is something wrong with your girlfriend being the one involved in porn, then there is something wrong with someone else being involved with porn. That is unless you make a distinction holding that it wouldn't be OK for her.

      There's nothing misogynistic about that, if you had a male child I suspected you cared about I'd have asked it about him. If you were gay and involved in a relationship, I'd have asked it about the man you were having sex with. As it is, I doubt you have any real feelings for anyone but yourself. You obviously don't have any feelings about the people being compelled to have sex or raped to make porn.

      If BG had come here and said what you said, I'd have asked her if she were OK with you getting it up the ass by a seasoned male porn figure - after he'd penetrated or been penetrated by many other porn figures.

      The overwhelming evidence of your complaint is that you don't really believe that there is nothing wrong with porn, you just don't think there's anything wrong with porn as long as it's not someone you care about or are having sex with who is involved with it.

      Your hypocrisy. that of you and your fellow pseudo-liberal-lefties, especially those like Roy Edroso in the media, is the point of me going through the exercise of asking the uncomfortable questions.

      The shoe pinched and you're whining about it.

      I don't call what happens in porn "acting" because it demeans the art of acting, I try to avoid calling it "sex" because it demeans sex.

  2. And now the abyss begins to stare back at you.

    1. Ah, you always have an irrelevant and incoherently asserted aphorism to spout when you got nutthin' don't you.

      If porn is OK or even good, why wouldn't it be OK for your girlfriend to be the one being penetrated as described above? Answer that question.

      If it's misogynistic to ask that question about her, why isn't it misogynistic to assert that it's OK for women who are used by the porn industry you support? Not to mention the boys and men who are used by it?

      I ask, knowing you, like your fellow phonies in the alleged lefty media, won't answer.

      Zod, go screw yourself. If I had to guess, you're just another of Simps socks, at this point.


      Geesh, atheists are so friggin' stupid.

  3. You wanna talk hypocrisy? You're the one watching all the dirty movies and describing them in gory detail.

    1. Where did I "go into gory detail" about dirty movies?

      You make another of the hypocritical dodges of the porn supporters, if I'd never seen porn you'd say that I'm unqualified to criticize it because I'd never seen it, if I watched it to inform myself you'd say I was not qualified to criticize it because I'd looked to see what I was writing about. That's the kind of Catch 22 dodge that the porn industry and the creeps in the legal profession and media it pays to promote it pull. It's heads I win, tails you lose and, so, is entirely illegitimate. If I could I would remove all porn from the internet, from all of media and the world would be a far better place for it.

      I can say that with the rise of pornography as a means of recruitment of current Nazism, it is an ever more serious problem that makes it incompatible with egalitarian democracy on a political level. That's something I would not have noticed if I hadn't looked and all the more reason to call out phony liberals and lefties in their promotion of it. But, then, I have come to the conclusion that the atheist-"secular" left is a counterproductive fraud, something I also learned from looking at what I'm talking about.

  4. Zod, if you're going to just keep repeating your insults I won't publish your comments. They're boring and stupid, and obviously come from a boring and stupid mind. I've already got a troll who does that, I don't need two.