Wednesday, August 2, 2017

"Moderate" Republicans Now Own The Neo-Jim Crow, Neo-Confederate Attorney Generalship of Jefferson Beauregard Sessions

The primitive but genteelly presented racism of Jeff Sessions has turned into an overt war against equality in the now so-called Justice Department, in its support for overt neo-Jim Crow and other neo-Confederate policies aimed at both allowing major and legal racial and ethnic discrimination and to suppress the voting and civic rights of, especially, Black people, Latinos and others.   

This is an ongoing project of the Republican, now Republican-fascist party, of which Jeff Sessions is a member and which has the support of even allegedly "moderate" Republicans of the kind who supported and voted for his, an overt racist of long standing, in the post of Attorney General.

That this is a manifestation of racism is obvious because the Republican focus in attacks on things such as affirmative action never, ever mentions that the largest group for which affirmative action has had the most benefit are white women.   That that group has never been the face of affirmative action while they are the foremost beneficiaries of it shows that the opponents of it are only opposed to it when the people it benefits are not white.  White women are not the only groups which have been overt beneficiaries of affirmative action but they are NEVER the focus of those who attack the policy. 

The Republicans who supported putting Jeff Sessions, who lied both in his written submissions to the Senate Judiciary Committee as part of his nomination hearings and during his sworn testimony to the committee, own him.  They own the policies that anyone with any familiarity with his history of racism, no matter how much they might want to distance themselves from them.  They voted to put someone in the office of Attorney General who was certain to take the course that he has in supporting voter suppression, not voting rights, who is starting a campaign to prevent Black, Latino and other students from going to college.  This is the desegregation of universities and colleges in reverse, pressuring even those universities and colleges which want to integrate students from minority groups into their institutions by intimidating them.   This is an abuse of power by a racist to promote his personal hatred of minority people, most of all, Black people. 

Jeff Sessions is on line to be among the worst Attorney Generals in the history of the office, one who likely colluded with representatives of the Putin crime regime to benefit one of the worst candidates for president in the history of the presidency.   He was never qualified to administer justice, he was certain to deliver injustice on behalf of the privileged, both in class and race.   I hope to see him investigated for high crimes and when found guilty sent to prison, at the very least I hope to see him be exposed for the racist sleaze he has always been, no matter what affection his fellow Senators may have held him in.  Their little club loyalties and mutual admiration aren't why they were sent there, they should be forced to remember that.   It might prevent another such abominable appointment being approved by them. 

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  1. Funny how Trump is no longer trying to humiliate Sessions out of office.

    Coincidence? Naaah!