Tuesday, April 24, 2018

What I Listened To While I Just Ate Lunch - Sam Seder RIPS APART Jordan Peterson's Real Time Appearance

Someone in the comments wondered if Jordan Peterson was dressed so dapper because he wanted to send a message of sexual appeal to Maher.   It's good I hadn't read the comments until I ate because the image that brought up would have put me off my lunch.

I would say that Jordan Peterson has got to be the biggest bullshit artist on the current scene.  I also wonder how people listening to him could not conclude that psychotherapy isn't and hasn't always been a crock of it.   I would love to know how many people he's psychotherapized haven't ended up worse than they were before.  What would a rigorous study of that show?   You know, the kind they NEVER do to validate anything in psychology or what they teach in psych departments at even the foremost universities. 

I've got to decontaminate before I go back to work. 

Update: Is it me or is the soi disant artificial intelligence that is running blogger's spell check-correction feature a lot stupider than it was a few months back? 


  1. There is plenty of good criticism out there on Jordan Peterson.

    But like his interview where he "Gotcha-ed!" Cathy Newman, I think you're grading this on the same curve the right judges Dennis Miller - it's not all that funny or insightful but it does sync up with your political/social beliefs.

    1. I think Michael Brooks' imitation of him is very funny and the comments of Sam Seder et al are often funny and insightful. I'm unaware of anything Dennis Miller or his fans ever being funny and insightful. As I recall, when FOX gave him a TV show they had to pay people to sit in the audience, that's a bad sign for an alleged comedian and any venue that mounts a show with him.

      It's a show about political and social commentary, it's not Second City.

    2. Miller had a show on HBO in the 90s called 'Dennis Miller Live' which was hysterical. Like all talk shows, the humor was based on current events but Miller hadn't gone overtly partisan. He's damn funny but can't do political humor that well. Also, one of the few people who really got Norm MacDonald early and often.

    3. I was unaware of his existence before he went right wing. I have heard a small amount of what I gather is his attempt to ad lib and found it excruciatingly bad. But, as we've discovered, humor is not universal.