Thursday, April 26, 2018

Why Is This Going Through My Head Today? The Happening - The Supremes

I didn't much care for The Supremes but somehow this got into my head about 1967.  I'm shocked to find I know every word of it. 

Actually, the song's not that bad, interesting handling of the form.

Now you can kill me for giving you an earworm.

This is what I was more likely to be listening to that year. 

Aretha Franklin - I Never Loved A Man (The Way I Love You)

I've got to update some of my old LPs, innoculation against earworms.


  1. And the pathetic thing is that you believe the Supremes and Aretha wrote both of those songs.

  2. What's pathetic is you pretending I ever said that, just another thing you imagine I said when I didn't. Just like so many phony fans of Voltaire think that most famous quote of his was something he wrote when it was invented 128 years after he died, you don't much care if you lie about such things.

  3. Quick -- without Googling, tell me who the backup musicians on those songs are

    1. Oh, do you think that's going to change the fact that I never claimed that the Supremes or Aretha Franklin wrote those songs? You share the same species of magic non-reality that Trump lives in. I've pointed that out for you before.

      I wouldn't have to do it with the Aretha Franklin song, I've got the LP. Never owned a Supremes record, they weren't my thing. Of course you don't either, specializing in white boy music as you do.