Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Online Hate Kills People, There Is No Reason To Permit It To Operate

Yesterday was too early to write about the van attack in Toronto that killed ten people and injured a number of other people, there wasn't enough to know about why the killer did it.   Now we find out that he obviously did so encouraged by an online community of whiny-ass crybaby men who hang out online to whine and cry and rage at their virginity and to plot "revenge" - really hate crimes -  against apparently just about everyone they figure is having sex or might be having sex or who they think might be able to have sex.   I don't know why it hasn't occurred to these boys that while they are bonding with their fellow virgins, they aren't practicing the social skills and learning to increase their chances of having a relationship.  Only, I doubt that what they want is a relationship with a person so they would rather have one with their self-pity and rage.

So we find another online cult that generates horrific violence,  violence their interactions online show they encourage each other to fantasize about and incite in the few of them in the online crowd who are mentally disposed to carry out those fantasies.  We are finding out, today, that among the reported minority who are upset that they're going to take the heat from their buddy's murder there are apparently more who are grooving on it and reinforcing the ideas and words and slogans that certainly inspired the van murderer yesterday.

I hope that whoever is hosting the website that yesterday's murderer is subject to being sued into hell because they are as responsible as the character deficient boys who egged him on. 

I think one of the things that is becoming clearer is that hate groups online are dangerous and as they proliferate and more of them act on the encouragement they get from their fellow degenerates we can't just allow these groups to operate.  I think that the results of their promotion of hate will prove to be intolerable and they will have to be suppressed, those corporations that profit off of hosting their online activities open to being sued out of existence.  Until then, I hope that groups monitoring such hate groups and fighting against them expand and attack those who encourage and incite hate and the violence that is an inevitable result of that.   While you might point to 995 of the losers whose talk of "revenge" is just talk, if there are five out of a thousand of them who act, that is something we can't live with.

"I laugh at the death of normies": How incels are celebrating the Toronto mass killing

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  1. I'm reminded of the greatest advertising tag line ever. For the Marlon Brando/Johnny Depp movie DON JUAN DEMARCO: "If you can't get laid after seeing this movie, you just can't get laid."