Saturday, April 28, 2018

I Think They've Finally Settled On The Right Logo For the Left Forum

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Doing housework this morning while listening to the Polka Party and got lazy so "taking a break" in an idly curious moment I went to see if they've posted the program for that flagship of pseudo-lefty futility, the annual Left Forum.  It's scheduled to start for the first of June, so I can guess what I'll be writing about that week.

I have been writing about it for a number of years now, sometimes getting pushback from the superannuated true-believers who don't like me asking if ever, in the half century and counting history of the Forum* it has ever produced a single bit of actual progress in putting leftists in office where they were able to write and push the adoption of laws making life  better for the destitute, the discriminated against, the stranger among us.  My guess is that not a single session of any of the forums that comrpise that history has done that while I can imagine a lot of the encouragement of the "theoreticians" and scholars and hangers-on and attention seekers and hucksters have encouraged delusional behavior that has lost people with an actual chance of winning office and making law of that kind, not to mention spoilers who have enabled the Republican fascists.  

Wanna bet that not one of them has made more actual progress for more people than Nancy Pelosi.  I would have to research it but I'll bet that even a number of more conservative Democrats have participated in more progress than the collected scholars have.   You have to actually hold public office in order to make that kind of progress.   The Left Forumers are more likely to lose elections than win them  

And I'm sure you might be able to to come up with a list of former lefties who were involved who went to the right, if any such can be found. 

So I think this logo is fitting, with the L facing forward and the F facing backwards,.  It's perfect  to symbolize the futility of the whole exercise.  After a half century in which these guys have had to win support from the Voters and make actual progress they have never been farther from even influencing the actual democratic process of governance, their highest level of doing that was probably around 1966 while Democrats still held the Congress securely and there was still a Democrat in the White House.  Lyndon Johnson in his Great Society programs did more to do that than the entire collected scholars and gabbers and attention grabbers of the Left Forum.  And he'd already done much of it before they started the thing. 

* It dates its own history to the beginning of the Socialist Scholars Conference, the first of which was in 1966, so fifty two years. 

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