Friday, April 27, 2018

This Is A Constitutional Crisis, We've Been In One All Along

I listened to Trump on Fox and Friends, that he hasn't been removed within the last 24 hours proves that removing an unfit president by the 25th Amendment is as much of a myth as removal of a president from office by impeachment.  It worked exactly once by threat but that was an age when the Republican Party produced someone with the last vestiges of honor and, perhaps patriotism.  Nixon was the last gasp of that, literally every Republican presidency since then has been on a decline with wars incited and waged for political and economic purposes, the Gulf War, and the even more disastrous Iraq invasion, the fire set off by that is still raging all over the region.   And now we have the least fit, most obviously incompetent and after yesterday's half hour of evidence of it, insanity in the most powerful office in the country and the world.  And that's not to mention the epic incompetence and criminality that pervades the Trump regime and the Republican leadership in the Congress.  

The American Constitutional system doesn't work under the ambient conditions, the faster people feel free to admit that the faster we can try to get one that does.   


  1. It's so much worse:

    “You see that consistency, that unbroken thread between some of those interviews and much of the policies today,” she said. “I had to credit him yesterday, I said, ‘You didn’t even put a semicolon in there — you covered so much territory,’ that he leaves the rest of us cold in terms of our analytical and conversational skills. The president was able to cover so much ground with you yesterday and appreciated the platform because it connects him with the American people, not just on Fox News, but at that really was the buzz around the globe yesterday in large part, because everybody had to replay your clips. That must have been delicious.”

    Kellyanne Conway on Fox&Friends this morning. And she says Trump wants to do that kind of "interview" at least once a month.

    1. I'd say let him do one every day but my fear is that TV would normalize it through repetition.

      This is what it looks like when a Republic gets turned into an imperial oligarchy. Kellyanne Conway is the putrescence that rises in the general decay.

      The American Constitution was always only as good as the sense of morality and honor that those it empowered had. It's obvious that we're at a particularly low ebb of both, the refusal to allow the punishment of lies broadcast to millions and hundreds of millions by the media has led us here.

    2. Conway is using FoxNews to tell Dear Leader how brilliant he is, maybe because of recent stories about how she was trashing Trump to whoever would listen right before the election returns came in (she was sure he would lose).

      That she is doing this kind of shameless propaganda shtick on cable news is a real problem, but no one will notice and eventually that, too, will become "normalized."

    3. The first time I ever heard of Kellyanne Conway was when she was on a PBS circulated show done by the awful Bonnie Erbe. I can say that about a lot of awful people, with other awful people coming to my attention when Brian Lamb had them on C-Span's Washington Journal. I doubt Matt Drudge would have gotten where he did without that promotion.

      TV, at least American TV seems to be in the business of normalizing corruption.