Thursday, April 26, 2018

We Are Being Led By A Lazy, Stupid, Dangerous Child Led Around By Some Of The Worst People In The World

Given what's coming out about Dr. Ronny Jackson, I think it's time for the world to demand a second opinion about Donald Trump's fitness to be president because I looked at Jackson's white-coat white-wash and I think he was on something when he did the whole thing.  I've seen two people drink themselves to death, close-up and a lot about Jackson's performance on that occasion now looks familiar.  Before I thought he was just bull shitting, now it's pretty clear he kisses up the chain of command as he craps down.  You've got to be pretty awful to people who work under you to get the kind of reviews he's gotten from those who worked under his command.  I have got a strong suspicion that all of those pills he was taking from the stores didn't end up being handed out to other people.  I am beginning to wonder if that wasn't the substance of the widely reported popularity he enjoyed with previous administrations. 

I have listened to several things about Trump during the visit of Emmanuel Macron and it's clear he's doing a really piss poor job of bull shitting his way on some of the most dangerous issues facing the world and the United States - probably most dangerous right now is his determination to obliterate the Iran deal because it was negotiated by a Black Man - when he doesn't know anything about it other than that he wants to junk it on that basis.  That and the psychopathological gangsterism of John Bolton, perhaps his son-in-law and whoever else is influencing him on that. 

The world owes a debt of gratitude to President Macron for tolerating the treatment he was given, for taking on the disgusting role of flattering an ignorant, perverted, petty despot in order to try to influence him when there is no reason to believe any positive effect will outlive his next TV session with FOX or his meeting with his staff of criminals or his family.

Seth Meyer's treatment of it in this segment is as good as what you're going to get from the news. That happens when things are totally screwed up as our politics are.

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