Thursday, May 25, 2017

Virus Warning

Looking through my notes from my eugenics files, I'll note this illustrative warning.  Some of the scientific texts I've mentioned below, for example, the book by Fischer, Baur, and Lenz, are available online because they are posted by neo-Nazis as part of their propaganda.   What is euphemized [fixed it, damned spell check] using their own cover term the "alt-right".    You are bound to come across those in a google search, be careful, some of them will infect your computer just as the stuff they carry will infect susceptible minds. 

Researching Darwinism would have been a real eye-opener on that account alone, if there hadn't been the primary texts, themselves. 

I'm thinking I might be writing more on this topic, soon.   A post contrasting current Republican rhetoric with that of the Nazis, especially in the Weimar period when they had to conceal their intentions so as to gain power might be rather shocking.  I hear more than just echos in stuff coming from the Congress and the Trump regime, I hear the same ideas translated into current English. 

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  1. Well, you know, we can't ask tax payers to pay for people who make bad decisions; or who don't make the right choices; or who just don't deserve our concern.

    The thin end of the wedge ain't that thin after all.