Saturday, May 27, 2017

Hate Mail

Oh, Simps said that did he.  Well, I'm glad to disappoint him but as far as I'm concerned him wearing a hoodie is a good idea, especially if it obscures his entire face.  It can cover a multitude of chins.  Unfortunately, if he starts talking it will still be whatever comes out of his head.  Maybe if he included a muzzle in his summer ensemble..... 


Update:  Zod, if you remove the personal attacks on other people you might get that comment posted, I will not carry attacks made on other people.  Feel free to attack me all you want.  I'm right here and I don't have any problem with fighting with anyone.  I can whip your ass. 

As to your contention that this blog is dedicated to attacking Simps, I seldom if ever say anything about the dope without him starting it.  You seem to have missed those little, tiny posts I do on other subjects.  Squint hard and you can see them. 

Update again:  Just out of curiosity I checked the word count and other than this post I have posted, so far today, 3,177 words, more or less, on non-Simps topics in just posts.  Not to mention comments.  That is in contrast with 75 words on Simps, and a few more on you. 

Atheists can't count, that's all there is to it. 


  1. And the voices in your head begin singing Mahler's Symphony of a Thousand.

  2. Your ongoing blog that seems to be dedicated to attacking Steve Simels, while at the same time engaging in fellating RMJ in your mutual admiration society is both pointless and sad. Is this all you have to spend your days doing? Writing moronic shit about your invisible sky wizard and how he farted out the universe, and attacking Simels? Wow, your life must be sad.

  3. Awww, did I hurt your fee-fees? It's easy to respond to a post you are too gutless to post. by the way, I can count. Number of invisible sky wizards - ZERO. But feel free to run wild wth you delusions.

    1. Is zero the highest number you know? That would explain it.

      You guys always figure that you've hurt my feelings when you don't have what it takes to do that, my respect.

      Well, isn't that interesting because I don't believe in an "invisible sky wizard", never have. We have something in common, though I doubt we disbelieve in the same one. I don't think I could lack imagination to the extent to imagine the same one you do.

      The day I'm afraid to confront a meat-head atheist hasn't dawned, yet