Monday, May 22, 2017

Oh, The Sorrow And Pity - Donald Does Yad Vashem

The news is that Donald Trump insisted that his Israeli itinerary include no more than a quarter of an hour at Yad Vashem.   Which is, of course, offensive.  And it should be considered outrageous that a 70-year-old man obviously doesn't want to go there because, no doubt, he thinks:

"That's booooorrrrriiinnng!"

How insulting is it?

How will the president use these precious 15 minutes? Ynet reports that he will hear an explanation and sign the museum’s guest book.

The Jerusalem Post took an uncharacteristic snarky approach and produced a video demonstrating what Trump will be able to cover in 15 minutes at the 45-acre complex. The paper quoted Israeli officials saying that an hour and a half is the “bare minimum” needed for a visit to the museum.

guess there are some places you can't strategically plant Trump's name so you can keep his attention focused on it.

You have to wonder if it wasn't a choice by his staff because they were terrified about what Donald Trump might say during or about a visit to the Holocaust memorial.  He is entirely capable of saying something outrageously offensive and have not a glimmer of an inkling of why what he said is offensive.  I wonder if he ever heard of  Yad Vashem before, I wonder if he knows what the Holocaust was.

Donald Trump is such an embarrassment and shame for the United States.  He's the man who put Steve Bannon in the White House, who named Sean Spicer as his spokesman.   The man who appointed a neo-Nazi to his regime.

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