Sunday, May 21, 2017

Simps As Fashion Critic

That's really funny, for Simps to accuse someone else of not knowing how to dress.  Have you ever seen him wearing his Groucho beret?   I thought he'd finally become really demented and was wearing a cheap rug.   He couldn't look more ridiculous wearing Professor Quincy Adams Wagstaff's mortarboard on the street.

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The rest of that exchange among Duncan's dolts is only mildly funny.  But only in the sense that it's funny when silly, superficial and stupid people are pretentious.   I like Chicago Dyke but she has gone down the road to Sillyville.   She's drunk too much of Hemant's Koolaid. 

Preemptive Update:   I'm not making this up, you know.

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Update For Real:

Hey, here's the perfect Simels look for the summer season.

Image result for jughead
Update:  Oh, Jughead! No Simps, I'm pointing out how ridiculous you look trying to look like Groucho.  He looked silly too, but he was Groucho.  You ain't an never will be Groucho.   I think the Jughead look is a natural one for you. 


  1. You think you're insulting me by saying I look like Groucho? That's a badge of honor.

  2. If we're doing comic books, here's your look. Embrace your inner Sparkle Plenty.

  3. This post needs an "NSFHV" warning.

    *Not Safe For Human Viewing

    1. Oh, if I do that Coyne will go after me for posting "trigger warning" warnings.

      I figure it's necessary, sometimes, to expose the ugliness of life direct and unvarnished.

    2. Yeah, but I'd just eaten breakfast when I saw that!

  4. So you really don't understand that Groucho was always the coolest guy in the room? Like that being the central joke?