Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Coming Out And Saying It In The End

I was asked what I thought of Callista Gingrich being nominated as ambassador to the Vatican.  My first reaction was, "Well, at least they don't have nukes on ICBMs."

My second reaction is that for a degenerate swine like Trump to send Callista and, especially Newt to represent the United States at the Vatican reminds me of what he's suspected of having done to mattresses in Moscow.  It's certainly an insult to the Vatican and to Catholics everywhere.

Whatever personal virtues Callista might have, whatever private penance she's done for her past, her husband's public vices more than cancel those out.  And I don't mean that he's a multiply divorced swine who served his first wife who supported his rise divorce papers on her sick bed so he could marry a mistress, only to commit adultery against her with the future Trump representative to the Vatican and, when he decided to go through the motion of conversion to Catholicism - the faith of the adulteress Callista (she admitted to it under oath, so I'm calling her what she admitted she was) - asked the church, at the height of its reactionary condemnation of sexual activity, to pretend he wasn't married.  And the hierarchy granted it.   Believe me, it doesn't always do that.  It helps if you're rich and powerful.

On second thought, something that takes that long to describe - how can you NOT mean it?

Newt Gingrich's continual violation of the commandment against bearing false witness, the entire substance of his post- speaker media career, should disqualify him from representing the United States to any country or state.  Though, considering it's the even more fecund liar and sex hound, Trump's sadly diminished America, maybe there is that.

If I were the Pope or whoever is in charge of accepting their credentials in that baroque government, I would refuse them on the basis of his most recent role in torturing the family of Seth Rich on FOX, one of the most disgusting acts of political sadism for the purpose of propping up a whole series of political lies for the most naked of corrupt motives.   The commandment against bearing false witness is certainly as serious as the one against committing adultery and, unlike that one, the damage can extend much farther and cover far more entirely innocent people.

I would like to show Pope Francis Keith Olbermann's recent video on the topic of the torture of Seth Rich's family, relentless and cruel and entirely pointless.  And I would hand him a file of Gingrich's past such bearing of false witness for the most corrupt of ends.  That would take a whole file cabinet.

In thinking about this for the time it's taken to write this,  I'm going to come right out and say it.  If Trump hired prostitutes to piss on the altar in the Sistine Chapel, that's about the moral equivalent of sending the Newt Gingriches to represent the country at the Vatican.   It's mostly about him but she's in thick as a thief with him in it.

Update:  Rereading this for editing, certainly an ambassador to the Vatican should be expected to have higher morals than a Speaker of the House.  Since their adultery being made public caused Newt Gingrich and several other Republican speakers and proposed speakers to lose that office, adultery should certainly disqualify someone from being named to represent the country at the Vatican.  I know it might be hard to find someone in elite DC and among the rich and famous who wouldn't be disqualified but, surely, there are some who haven't disqualified themselves that way.   I'd find a qualified nun or sister.

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