Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Maledetto: You'll Get A True Confession From Me Not From Him

There are remarkably few politicians who I can honestly say I truly despise.  Well, outside of official Republicans.  There are many I don't like but few I really, truly hate with a visceral loathing. Other than Susan Collins, who has shamed my state and who remains such an unexposed sleaze. Much of what I say below could apply to her, as well.  She and he were sort of talk circuit on camera dates for a time.  Two pillars of phony integrity.  Who is he?  Well, after that build up you don't expect me to not tell you who this is about, do you?

Sanctimonious Joe Lieberman, former Senator from the Insurance Industry, the man who did the most serious crippling of the Affordable Care Act, a man who never passed up a chance to be a stinking Quisling while nominally a Democrat, a man whose fury at not getting a presidential nomination he never came near deserving to run for or election to a Senate seat, the same, and who after he thankfully cashed in by leaving the Senate for his life goal, as a corrupt DC insider grifter, went even farther in showing what a piece of slime he's always been and will be till he finally stops breathing.

If Jerry Coyne comes in an 8 on my scale of loathing from 1-10, ten being the highest, Lieberman comes in at about 23.

The news is he's not being considered to be Trump's rent-boy FBI director, though Lieberman is fully qualified for that.  To be Trump's rent-boy hatchet man and cover up guy.

And all that time Lieberman has traded on the phoniest, DC insider, media reputation as a man of conscience and principle.  Shows you how much that's worth for about the past three decades.   That he didn't take himself out of consideration, even though he works for one of Trump's sleazy law firms, tells you he's as sleazy as ever, himself.

After a morning of dealing with this much sleaze,  I need to take a shower.  With steel wool.

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