Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Thinking About A Sick Culture On A Sick Day

I am sick as a dog.  I am working on the follow up piece to the one I posted Monday about the popular, secular, materialist inversion of morality that has made "free speech" and "comedy" no matter how depraved the content, no matter what evil it promotes, as superior to those old fashioned ideas of equality and a moral obligation to treat people morally.  

I can give you a clue that I'm going to ask why, if nothing is sacred, if morality is a mere relative matter of preference, why "free speech" and "comedy" are held up as rock solid valid values, in themselves, that override any standards of morality or decency.  I think within that are several of the major defects of secular-materialist-scientistic ideology, the unstated but truly official morality of academia, the media and, with the rise of the "originalists" and other cultivated forms of fascism, the law. 

Hoping to post more later.  

If you didn't listen to that second recording posted last evening, of the great and greatly underestimated Johnny Mercer, him singing his lyrics to that horribly abused masterpiece, Moon River, you don't know what you're missing.  It's a song that can only really come off sung with the greatest simplicity, without a Andy Williams crooning it with full orchestration.  And who would know how to sing those words better than the man who wrote them?   You can say what you will but among the classic lyricists of American popular song, Mercer is about the greatest.  I suspect that he was such a good singer had a lot to do with that. 

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