Saturday, April 22, 2017

Saturday Evening Radio Drama - Jane Beeson - A Cry ... Almost A Scream

Rosemary Leach as the Woman
Maurice Denham as the Man   
Hilda Kriseman as the Lunderette Assistant
Eve Karpf as the Customers 

A weird little play about guilt, one of the most interesting things to me was how the woman says "The Council want me out, they want me to go".   I wonder why it strikes me as a typically British thing to say, it reminds me of Marilynne Robinson saying

There is a third option, however, described by both Smith and Marx, and, as luck would have it, indigenous to America, of a society based upon individual autonomy, to be achieved through policies of government that by act or omission enhance the specific, tangible material well-being of individual people, by creating or protecting conditions of life that enhance vigor and morale.  These include education, fair wages, wholesome food and water, and reasonable hope for one's children.  These things correspond in a general way with what Americans consider to be "Western values," yet they have have never described, and do not now describe, the condition of life of ordinary British people.  

Interesting how a line in a play can do that, make you think of something like that.  I hope that Americans faced with such a form of coercion will always have an inclination to tell such a Council to go to hell.  I hope the British people develop that attitude and get rid of the stinking class system.  

Second Feature - Alf Silver - Cold Storage 

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