Monday, April 17, 2017

Hate Mail

Naw, that wasn't Duncan baiting me, it was him feeding his ship of fools.  

He wants to go toe to toe he knows where I am.  I doubt he wants to risk it. It might take something like work. 

As to Ross Douthat, the last thing he wants is for large numbers of Americans to practice the teachings of Jesus because the results wouldn't just be liberal, they'd be more radical than anything any secular pseudo-liberal has ever come up with.  If the mainline Protestant churches a. put even more of an effort into pushing the Law, the Prophets and the Gospel and b. regained their mid-20th century levels of participation, it would probably lead to a revival of liberalism, the real stuff that does things, not the secular academic exercise that killed it off as the 60s faded into the 70s and beyond.  

As Douthat is supposed to be a Catholic, even the two recent conservative popes had an economic-social policy that was to the left of Bernie Sanders, never mind Good Pope Francis.  I wonder, why doesn't he press for the Pope's views on capital punishment, so much in the news recently.  I would be curious to see a list of Americans on death row that recent popes have lobbied to not kill.  I wonder if anyone has ever compiled one.  

Naw, he's closer to Duncan than he is to me,  one of his fellow Ivy Leaguer, preppies.  Those guys generally always end up in either conservatism of in the flaccid, secular pseudo-liberalism that might as well be the same thing. 

I hadn't read his column because I loathe the New York Times and seldom read it unless it's necessary.  Douthat has never written anything necessary. 

Update:  More Hate Mail

There was a time I would have expected a physics teacher at a high-brow prep school associated with one of the richest universities in the United States would have understood that even he, in his higher scienciness,  had to read something to know what it said.  But, then, I hadn't caught him in his own, unedited words before. 

Tell David that anyone who believes what Simps says without fact checking has no business teaching because they're an idiot. Tell him I said so.  

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