Saturday, April 22, 2017

Consciousness and the Observer Effect | Dean Radin Ph.D | IONS

The audio is a bit fuzzy, sounds like it was recorded over Scype or something.  Somehow, I have a feeling that a lot of the people trying to hijack the March for Science wouldn't like this kind of science though, as Radin pointed out somewhere, all they were doing was experimental testing of perfectly standard quantum physics.   That it confirms the speculation that, other than being an illusion, consciousness is the actual substrate of physics.

My only real problem with the video is the cartoon of Galileo and the Cardinal, it was the scientific establishment of Galileo's day, who had a professional stake in the Ptolemaic system that refused to look through his telescope, not the Cardinals.   Today it's atheist-materialists who refuse to consider such science as Radin engages in with more methodological rigor than many of them practice.  There is virtually no psychology and quite a bit of other science that doesn't practice the same level of rigor but which is acceptable because it upholds conventional materialist ideology.

And those in the "skeptics" industry which seems to be trying to hijack the March are the most dishonest of all.

Update:  Here's a somewhat shorter and much clearer video covering a lot of the same material.

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