Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Hate Mail

Big deal.  I thought the New York Times was a crypto-fascist, establishment, gay bashing rag before Duncan Black was born. The New Republic, too. And that was before the racist Marty Peretz years. 

Update:  Well, that's funny, too.  I remember the week he died that I made fun of the histrionic mourners at Baby Blue, telling them i-god was dead.  Really, they were like hired mourners keening for him.  Then the next week they all found out that Steve Jobs (who was known as a sweatshop profiteering piece of crap well before he died) had committed the really unforgivable sin of indulging in "woo" so he was consigned to atheist hell.  I got a big chuckle out of it, still do six years on.

I have never owned an Apple product and wasn't all that impressed with the ones I've used.  Though my brother's very, very old Apple bought by his Apple believing wife is still running, I've spent a lot less on PCs that do as much if not more.  When he heard how much a generic replacement cord cost for my laptop as compared to the ones his Apple using daughters keep having to have him buy, my brother was furious.  

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