Friday, April 21, 2017

Abraham Joshua Heschel An Interview With Carl Stern - 1972 - Shortly before his death

This is an interview with Carl Stern for NBC.  Can you imagine something like this on TV today?  I think one of the keys to the value of the interview is that it's one person doing the interview, not a panel of "journalists".  

I agree with him that it is a disaster that Americans are so ignorant of the Prophets "the most disturbing people who ever lived".   If Americans did know them and took them seriously we wouldn't be in the horrible position we are in, today.   His answer to "why don't you stick to spiritual issues" is especially good, he points out how radical the Prophets are, that they'd be in jail if they were around, now.

Someone should put up more of him on Youtube.  I've got lots more transplanting to do.

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