Thursday, December 8, 2016

The Corruption Of Our Government Is A Result of Enabled Lies

Just a short post.   If you're interested in just how corrupt the Trump regime is going to be, Kevin Drum is keeping a chart of his appointments in terms of their being a part of the swamp Trump claimed he was going to drain and if they are Rich, Crazy and, or Scary.   Here's what he's got so far.

I said to someone earlier this morning that you had to go way back in the 19th century to find this level of blatant, corrupt, crony government in the United States but I'm not sure that this might outdo anything we've had in our history.

I think when the buzzards come home to roost and things fall apart that the sane but mildly corrupt margin of Republicans will be begging Democrats to join with them to get rid of Trump before he totally destroys their party.  Though I'm not sure even that would do it.  The corruption the Republicans and their media have built in this country over the past half-century is third only to the murderous theft of the continent and slavery in its moral depravity and I'm afraid it will take a shock which will have to drastically reform the Constitution before it is ended.  And I'm talking about something as terrible as the Civil War.

The Republican-fascist regime we are about to undergo is a product of allowing the media to lie with impunity.   Those legal theories that pushed their ability to lie like that are the polluted head waters of the sewer the country has become.

If you know the truth the truth will make you free but if you're so far gone you don't care if something is true or not, you are doomed.  Our country has been corrupted to the point where the media, the politicians, even a large percentage of the voters don't care what's true and what isn't, anymore.   It started with Justices on the Supreme Court deciding that wasn't something they should be bothered with and the elite, Ivy League class lawyers who pushed that line withe them.

Update:  Eschaton, proof that you can assemble a group of college educated alleged liberals whose conceit vastly outpaces their desire to know what they're talking about.   In some respects, it's getting to look more like an equivalent of a right-wing chat room every month.

Tell me, Simps, did Duncan ever actually, you know, endorse Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump?  Considering how much energy he spent in the early days of his public writing in defending Bill Clinton who was a far bigger jerk than she ever has been, you think he'd have been able to at least endorse her.

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