Thursday, December 8, 2016

Hyman Bloom - Christmas Tree

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Hyman Bloom was a mystic who found transcendence through color.   Always an outsider, even when the, then trendy, abstract expressionists tried to adopt him as one of their own he said things like:

“I tried Abstract Expressionism and came as close to it as I wanted to, but I thought that it was mostly emotional cartharsis with no intellectual basis.  It had no emotional control.  All that thrashing around seemed infantile and beside the point.” 

And, even more heretically:

“What I was trying to create was a complex picture in the classical sense; a work with depth and subject matter that was readable and over which I had exerted control.  I thought of art as elevating, and I didn’t think Jackson Pollock even had a foot on the ladder.”

I can imagine that pissing off the mid-brow culture vultures.  Then and now. 

That comment about his pictures of decaying corpses and legs,  I might go into that sometime.  Maybe after the holidays are over. 

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