Monday, December 5, 2016

A Government of Demented Media Stars And Easily Influenced Attention Deficient Children

Donald Trump's announcement of Ben Carson to head The Department of Health and Human Services shows how insane the Republican president-elect is.  Ben Carson proved during the campaign and after he dropped out that there is good reason to suspect he is suffering mental impairment that would lead anyone who really cared about him to worry about dementia.  He has nothing in his long past career as a surgeon to prepare him to run such a department, he has said nothing in his public career in Republican wacky politics that leads anyone who has listened to him think he is anything but entirely unfit to be confirmed for the position.

I just got done hearing what the political huckster Armstrong Williams said about him and his appointment on NPR and it was such a load of crap that the absence of anything better for his own shill could say in his behalf can only prove that there is nothing better to recommend him.   A good part of the interview with Armstrong had to deal with his own statements pointing out that Carson was unfit for such a job.  In TV-talk fashion, his backtracking was transparently dishonest and obviously insincere.  

We are being governed by what results from the Hollywood PR - tabloid-cabloids replacement for the reporting of fact.  That is what, in fact, dominates our entire media, high end to low.   That is what you get when you remove the discipline of them getting sued for lying and having sufficient standards they have to meet to keep broadcasting licenses are abolished because "free press".  The country was better informed when Walter Cronkite read them actual news for 20 minutes, between commercials, than it does with the cabloids and even such as the entirely degenerated, obviously Republican favoring NPR blaring lies and spin at us all day long.   Democracy reached its highest points of achievement when the effective media,  TV and radio, were under those requirements, liable to be sued if they lied and operated under broadcasting codes of conduct.  We are living with the results when they can just do whatever they want to.

As so many of those who the media lied into voting for Trump are already learning things such as he is appointing the people who cheated them out of their homes, I can't see any way for this snake oil operation to not fail spectacularly, though as NPR has proved before the election and after, the entire American media has been in on it and will continue to be in on the fraud.  The first order of business for them will be to assign blame for everything the Republican-fascists do to Democrats and other groups to protect the fascist government they are responsible for foisting on a misinformed, demoralized population.

I strongly suspect that there are large numbers of people who work in the government, in the military, who see what is coming and know better than just about anyone what a catastrophe is waiting for us in the hyper Burlusconiesque Trump regime.  Only the degenerate media titan Burlusconi was in charge of a country which had nothing like the power or role that the United States has in the world.  If, for example, a group of his aids with a financial interest in Taiwan had arranged the kind of call that Trump's did a few days back, the international implications of it wouldn't have had heads of state making frantic calls to get reassurances that it didn't mark a major change in policies that would destabilize an entire region.  One thing that I think has resulted from that is that the Chinese leadership now know how dangerous it is for there to be a puppet of Putin in the American White House.  What that could mean for our economy and for the lives of billions, who knows.

I hope the people who will leak information that will expose the real catastrophe and crimes of the Trump regime choose wisely who they leak to.  There aren't many venues of the American media I'd trust.  They've all been pretty much in on installing Trump or are too cowardly and corrupt to have effectively prevented it.

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  1. I heard that interview. Williams complained the quote attributed to him was wrong, but never explained why. Instead, he argued Carson has extensive knowledge about housing and public housing, etc., apparently because Carson grew up in public housing.

    And Carson knows the people need jobs. Which, of course, Obama never knew and never tried to create; or something.

    It was gibberish. Welcome to the next four years.