Monday, December 5, 2016

Before There Was Face Book There Was Two-Faced Book - Hate Mail

Imagine that, the gall of a lefty socialist, guy from a family of union members would have trouble with the idea of supporting Jeff Bezos and his Amazon sweat shop that is notorious for grinding mistreatment of workers, making billions by squeezing his employees to death.   As far as I'm concerned you can tell the Brit-atheist mean girl of Eschaton she's as phony as Duncan is.  She figured she was insulting me but the only thing she's risking is making me feel smug.    

If you hadn't guessed Duncan Black apparently put up one of his whiny posts telling the phony-lefties who populate his rump chat room community to buy stuff from Amazon so he can get a cut of the profits.  If American democracy and life on the planet depended on them boycotting something the world would have to go so they could get their free shipping under Amazon-Plus.   

Hey, Dunc, when's the last time you struck a pose of supporting decent jobs and workers rights?  Well, "struck" might not be the right word.  When's the last time you did a pantomime of going through the motions?

Update:  I'm told it's called "Amazon-Prime" as if I'm supposed to feel ashamed that I forgot the name of something I wouldn't use because of the way it treats workers and for many other reasons.   Nope, try again.  

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