Monday, November 14, 2016

We Are Trump's ATM Machine

It is becoming clear that the Trump regime is going to start in more than just an appearance of conflict of interest over his refusal to set up a blind trust for his financial assets.   It is clear that people will always have to ask if the Trump family hasn't made the United States into an ATM machine for their various money making ventures, and that's only the level of corruption that doesn't get to what his cabinet does, he will certainly put crooks, gangsters and their enablers into those and every other position he and his den of thieves can manage.   

This could be the most obviously, blatantly and in-your-face corrupt administration in the history of the country, we're talking a level of corruption far worse than the antebellum period of the United States, we're talking decadent Roman empire levels of corruption.  

And, lest you forget, it was all brought to you from that First Amendment absolutist provided free and unfettered press.   

This is going to be epic corruption from which our country may never regain its footing, this is shaping up to be an event like the change, ironically enough, from Republican to Imperial Rome, only we're going from democracy to Republicanfascism.  And the mass media is pretending this is normal.  We now know what they will do when they can get away with saying what is most profitable to them, their owners, their class and it is an entire betrayal of The People.   

I am seeing no evidence that even the elite media really intends to fight against the Trump crime spree, they're too busy striking poses of being shocked at what anyone with the intelligence of an especially stupid fashion writer would know was coming.  

It turns out that the privilege of watching democracy die isn't much of a privilege, though now we know what it looks like and it is shocking how used to watching the media lie you can get when you've seen it for half a century.  

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  1. "Banana Republic" is going to be the term. If only it didn't call to mind a GAP-clone clothing store.....