Wednesday, November 16, 2016

How I Went Too Far For Bill Moyers' Site

I have been trying to leave a comment at that  Neal Gabler piece I posted about at Moyers and Co. since comments were reopened but they have been rejected by the moderator.  Here's my comment I tried to post this morning.

We live in The Age of Lies, in which the truth went from being reality to it being relative to it being optional and now it's seen as irrelevant. And that is largely due to the electronic media and the string of legal decisions starting with the Sullivan Decision that made it impossible for politicians to sue the media when it lied about them. The permission given in that most clueless of decisions by a liberal court was taken by the corporate media which already dominated the collective attention span of the United States to propagandize them for their own benefit. That permission grew and was more skilfully exploited by the oligarchs which have arisen to lie about, almost exclusively liberal politicians and potential politicians so they would lose elections. The fifty three years of the regime of freedom of the lie which the courts and the legal theories of highly placed lawyers working for the media has seen the fatal wounding of democracy. Now we see it might have actually killed it off. And when I turn on NPR or I see CBS I see they are normalizing what Trump's thugs are doing in tearing apart egalitarian democracy and a decent society.

The media, freed to lie by that interpretation of the First Amendment is what got us here. There won't be any restoration of democracy until the reality that the electronic mass media isn't like 18th century print media is accepted as a hard and mandatory reality that democracy either adapts to or it will die by a media which will like in service of oligarchy. Our legal system refuses to take that reality into account, the media certainly doesn't want it to. The Free Press, freed to lie will destroy democracy, not serve it. That would seem to be about as close to a law of nature on this issue as you're going to find.

You will excuse me if I'm far less worried about journalists who work for the media which has gotten us here than I am the people who are the victims of what they produced.

Here are some of the comments which have made it through moderation at Moyers and co.

HelpSaveMaryland • an hour ago
What utter leftist BS. The GOP defeated Dems at the national, state and local levels across the country. Now that is true diversity. Time to get America back on track. Trump 2016!

TNO  David • 15 hours ago
"It all started when Wallmart .... and when Sam Walton died ..."

In all your vast research, did you come upon the fact that HRC sat on Wallmart's board for years? Hmmm...

Wonder if she was on the board when Sam died? Any bets? Anybody, anybody? The answer is YES! She was on the board when they made that horrible decision. Guess what? It was HER IDEA!

Wanna know how she described it? "I moved the board forward during my tenure." I guess moving forward means ruining it. Typical Clinton Style.

Pull your head out.
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lotusgdess  TNO • 7 hours ago

Hillary joined the Walmart board so she could have some input into issues such as promotions for women and other worker issues. So stop distorting the truth like the right wing always does. You people think like Joseph Goebbels. Just keep telling the Big Lie enough and the masses will believe it. Well the masses are asses.

Seedee Vee  David • 2 days ago
It's not anger that made 60 million people vote against a war mongering Harpy. It was self preservation.
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Sam  Seedee Vee • a day ago
he LOST the popular vote, never forget that. The majority of humans in the US who voted voted for Clinton, voted AGAINST hatred, and all the things he stands for.
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Seedee Vee  Sam • a day ago
Dig out, Buddy. The winner - by a vast amount - was None Of The Above.

What percentage of eligible voters voted for Hillary?
Nowhere near 50%, was it?

Who is going to live in the White House in 2017?
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David  Seedee Vee • 21 hours ago
Are you brain dead Seedee Vee or whoever you are. Clinton WON the majority of the vote nearly a million votes. Here again the facts being twisted to suit your own agenda,
telling lies like Trump. When is it going to stop, it won't stop until people start putting people like you in your place that are literally just sitting there lying through your teeth.
And stgp using clang, it only shows your lower IQ and intelligence and education.
What are you a 14 or 15 years been brain washed by your brain dead parents.

BleedsBlue365 • 21 hours ago
He won't last. ISIS will take him out sooner rather than later, if we are lucky.

Seedee Vee  David • 21 hours ago
I can't show you all of the dead bodies because I am neither a funeral home director, a war crimes investigator nor your mommy proving to you that there are no monsters under your bed.

The Clintons are monsters and the World is very lucky to not have them and their sycophants in power for at least the next 4 years.

At least until Chelsea buys her seat in Congress.

Phil W • 5 hours ago

So we should have voted with the communist billionaire, Soros, and voted for an extremely corrupt Hillary? You nominated a horrible candidate. It's the DNC's fault they lost.

I have to say, I'm not entirely surprised that my heresy against the fundamentalism of the free speech industry is considered beyond the pale while that kind of stuff is within it. 

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