Tuesday, November 15, 2016

I Don't Want To Hear Anyone Talk About James Comey As If He Ever Had Any Honor, He Never Did He Should Be In Prison

Congressman Jerrold Nadler has called on Barack Obama to fire James Comey over his role in handing the election to Donald Trump.  That is, certainly, the least of what should be done to Comey who has earned the title of most corrupt and incompetent FBI Director in its history.  I include the rest of those who were forced to resign or who should have been fired and even the founding criminal Director, J. Edgar Hoover.   If there were real justice in this country, James Comey would be serving a prison term for violating the Hatch Act, but criminals of his class are seldom if ever punished.  

What should happen won't under Donald Trump, Federal Marshals who could be trusted should have been sent in to secure all FBI offices and the records and communications, as they handed subpoenas to relevant employees of the FBI and escorted them to the door.   Then there should be a criminal investigation that discovered which agents and officials were working with the Republican-fascists to ratfuck this election.  Comeygate is worse than what happened during Watergate, more blatant, more blatantly illegal and a clear act by Republican-fascists in the FBI to defeat the candidate of the Democratic Party.  

James Comey will almost certainly escape having to pay for his crimes, he will probably keep his job and the FBI will continue to be an arm of the Republican-fascist party, violating the law to target Democrats and to elect Republicans.   If Democrats had won this election they might have done something about it but they didn't and the Republicans won't.  

If history is truly told, Barack Obama will not be seen as a strong president, he is one of the weakest Democrats to have held that office.  That is largely due to the horrible appointments he made in so many areas of the government.  His treasury and financial team is probably the biggest reason that Democrats didn't keep the congress and flourish in the wake of Bush II era incompetence and crime.  His appointments at the department of Justice play a role in that, their refusal to prosecute the biggest crooks and swindlers in our history because of their aristocratic class status - the same class that so many of Obama's appointees are in - makes Obama a champion of them, not of the majority of people who put their trust in him eight years ago.  He betrayed his own supporters from the start and that is the defining character of his administration.  If he had any real understanding of poor people of people who are desperate, he wouldn't have acted in the ways he has.  I don't think he has the imagination to really have the slightest understanding or inclination to understand the lives of real people in the economic underclass, including what has become our own, beleaguered, British class system style working class.  Things have degenerated that far in the United States that we now have one of those, something which should be seen as the most basic betrayal of our ideals in the United States.

I will have a lot more to say about the disillusionment with Barack Obama and his style of politician in the future.  I have no expectation that he will do the right thing and get some measure of justice in the crimes of James Comey, one of his appointees.   If he does anything it is entirely too little and it is entirely too late. 

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