Sunday, November 13, 2016

Elizabeth Warren On The Trump Win

If Barack Obama had not governed in favor of the economic elite, Donald Trump would never have won the nomination, he would certainly not have won the corrupt American electoral college system. Eight years ago Barack Obama promised a kind of change he started walking back during the months before he too office in a manner which might be classier than the way that Trump is walking back his campaign promises that will protect Social Security and Medicare.  Trump will walk back any economic populism he dangled in front of the non-racists who voted for him even as he doubles down on the racism and bigotry to solidify his neo-fascist, neo-Nazi, white supremacist, Anglo-Saxon supremacist base.  

Elizabeth Warren's speech is, as always with her, full of what needs to be done.  If Barack Obama had listened to her and her genuine populism in 2008 instead of those who favored appointments like Larry Summers and Tim Geithner we wouldn't be in danger of full blown fascism now. 

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