Monday, November 14, 2016

Late Hate - I'm Trying To Have An Earlier Bedtime Now That The Disaster Is Coming now with an Update

Not that I'd encourage her to try but the reason Freki won't engage me here is because she is a lightweight who can't stand up when pressed to back up her categorical pronouncements and issued fiats.  She obviously never even read what I wrote as she mischaracterizes what it said. 

Update:  You told me that Simps said I'd, somehow, blamed Trump on the C Major scale, I never mentioned the C Major scale.  What I excerpted from an interview with Charles Wuorinen had this question and answer at the very beginning.  

So at this point, do you think it's intellectually dishonest to write music in C major?

No, but I think it depends on who you are.

Even before it got too complex for the big minds at the Baby Blue Brain Trust, the fine composer Charles Wuorinen said pretty much what the far lesser composer Virgil Thomson said,  you can write whatever music you like if that's what you like to write, "It depends on who you are."   I know that's way too complex for a semi-literate, washed up pop music writer for a trumped-up ad flyer and his reading public at said "brain trust" but that's what it said.  

What I said is that the geezers in the Baby Boom Generation - yeah, you groovy guys, THAT'S US NOW - are who voted Trump into office.   Ours that generation that was flattered by Madison ave. marketing to hippies and wannabees and our own peers as "the generation that will save the world" the "best educated generation in history" and a dozen other lines of bilge you'd have to be unspeakably ignorant to have bought.  Ours not only contained Trump, it elected him.   

One of the most unpleasant secrets of our vaunted generation is that it was 80% white due to, among other things, the racist restrictions placed on immigration by racists of previous generations.  Combined with the income bracket that went strongly for Trump, comfortably to upper middle class and above, that's your peers over there at Baby Blue, I'm ashamed to say, mine too.  Well, except the income part of it.  

Of course, I haven't made those kinds of arguments, I've put the blame where it really belongs with the people who made it so the media could lie us into Republican-fascism, culminating in Trump.  The same media, the same First Amendment absolutist created free press - that's hate-talk radio, FOX and the other cabloid liars and fascists, and the rest of the real beneficiaries of the Sullivan Decision, brought to you by The (allegedly liberal) New York Times and the Warren Court, that's what brought us Trump.  

And it all started with that Ivy League lawyer class interpretation of the words of the First Amendment that refused to take real reality and the requirements of democracy being possible into account.   If someone made the same observations I have in 1964, that the Warren Court's enabling of lying by the mass media - owned by millionaires and their corporations - was going to dupe The People so lied to into electing horrific governments that would make the rich richer and end up oppressing most people, guess what,  they'd have been proved to be right.   Nat Hentoff, Joel Gora and the ACLU, the New York Times and Village Voice and the Progressive magazine would be proved absolutely wrong.  And Hentoff went to work for the fascists.  I always said you can't trust a materialist. 

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